"Love knows no special boundaries."
                      Moira Anderson

Pet Loss | Singapore | Grief Counselling for Pet Owners

Pet Loss | Singapore | Grief Counselling for Pet Owners



Many people treat their pets as
their close companion.
We can help you with your grief.



Pets can be especially important
to children. Children naturally
develop strong attachments to their pets.


The Elderly

A pet can help prevent feelings of
isolation or loneliness. The elderly may depend on
a pet to meet their physical and emotional needs

We provide counselling for those who have or are experiencing the great loss of a beloved pet. We live in a society where there is a stigma attached to grieving for an animal. When people lose a pet they often hide the true extent of their grief for fear of being ridiculed. You may have no one to talk to who understands the depth of your loss and feel alone. Their innocence, devotion and unconditional love inspire us to open our hearts in ways that make us feel peaceful and fulfilled. We provide a safe and supportive environment to help the bereaved understand and reconcile the loss.