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Pet Loss | Singapore | Grief Counselling for Pet Owners

Pet Loss | Singapore | Grief Counselling for Pet Owners


Grief Counselling

Pet owners are often ill-prepared to face the loss of a pet for their first time, given the intense bond most of us share with our animals. Pets are beloved members of the family and when they die, you feel a significant, or even traumatic loss. Trying to ignore your pain or to keep it from surfacing can make it worse. Most of us form a deep attachment to our pets based on strong emotional bond we enjoy with out animal companions. It is especially difficult as our society in general does not validate grief over pets. As a result, we can end up feeling alone in grief and embarrassed due to a fear of being ridiculed. Counselling can help you feel supported and understood as you learn to move beyond your loss.

Children Counselling

Children of different ages react differently to a pet's death. As a child grows, the stronger the sense of companionship with a pet forms. It becomes a distinct personality. Young children are innocent in their thinking and trying to explain the concept of death can be no easy task. Children naturally develop strong attachments to companion animals. Specialised counselling can help children cope with the loss of their pet.

The loss of a pet may be your child's first experience of death. Prentending the animal "ran away" or "went to sleep" can leave a child feeling betrayed and confused when they finally learn the truth.



Counselling for the Elderly

Caring for and providing a loving house to an animal can help an elderly person stay active and healthy. A pet can help lessen or prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness. Your pet may have been a link to your past or a source of strength during your transition to a new environment. For many people, coping with the death of a pet can be one of the most distressing and difficult experiences in life. We provide support and guidance to understand and mourn your loss and help you walk through any emotional issues. Grief is a process, not an event. It takes time.

A pet may be the only family memeber a senior person has, and when a pet dies, there is no longer a sense of being needed, no companionship - no structure or meaning in the daily routine. Seniors may be more stoic and quiet in their grief.